A call to action for the design community.

“Design is not art…Art is made to be appreciated, design is made with a clear purpose.”

This credo has always been at the core of the design community. Our endeavour has always been to solve problems, whether they are mechanical, socio-political or cultural. Design in every sense, whether graphic, architectural or product, provides answers to questions.

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However, in an age of avid consumerism, building brands pays the bills. Designers have become an extension of a brand’s marketing team, using their skills to drive consumers into desiring products that are, more often than…

Look at a future where design is used as a powerful tool to create societal change.

Trapped in a global crisis and becoming increasingly complacent in the discomfort within our own minds, each of us has been feeling Agitated, Anxious, and Uncertain.

An endeavour to put empathy at the heart of community.

Nature vs Nurture

Love is love. Rage is rage. And if these are on two ends of the spectrum, then every human emotion in between is as natural and inherent in us despite our race, culture, gender, sexual orientation, geography, class, or colour. The universality of these emotions is the most beautiful thread that allows us to connect and understand each other.

Nurture on the other hand is a constructed belief system based on our socio-political, religious, geographic, class and cultural origins. This system shapes our emotions and therefore, our very being. …

There is a dualistic nature to all things. Two sides to every story. Two perspectives, each with multiple dimensions.

Dualistic thinking is the pressing need of this complex interconnected era where time and space are being breached. It breeds questioning, investigation and an opportunity for the True North (the solution) to be discovered.

Dualism celebrates conflict, and this lies at the heart of where we start to unravel a brand. For us, every enjoyable design discovery follows the journey from confusion and conflict to introspection, leading to the moment of truth and finally, the ‘A-Ha!’ moment of salvation.

We do…


a picture speaks a thousand words, your brand only needs two.

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