Conflict + Creation Is Our Driving Motivation

There is a dualistic nature to all things. Two sides to every story. Two perspectives, each with multiple dimensions.

Dualistic thinking is the pressing need of this complex interconnected era where time and space are being breached. It breeds questioning, investigation and an opportunity for the True North (the solution) to be discovered.

Dualism celebrates conflict, and this lies at the heart of where we start to unravel a brand. For us, every enjoyable design discovery follows the journey from confusion and conflict to introspection, leading to the moment of truth and finally, the ‘A-Ha!’ moment of salvation.

We do this with the rigorous and unrelenting interrogation of what we call the ‘spiritual brief’ or the ‘absolute truth’, which on identification has always helped us enter the realm of dramatic yet simple and powerful transformation for the brand and its problem at large.

At Two, we celebrate this conflict born of dualistic philosophy which lies at the core of everything we do.

Our values are to always ask why and what if.

To never settle.

And to question everything.

To always ask the question ‘Is it good enough?’

To be courageous and to take leaps of faith.

To be compassionate and believe in human centricity.

And finally, born of conflict ourselves, to keep the fire in our bellies going.

We call it Conflictivity™ — where conflict breeds creativity.

Welcome to Two. Welcome to Conflictivity™.

a picture speaks a thousand words, your brand only needs two.

a picture speaks a thousand words, your brand only needs two.